Product Description

Party of 4 $295.00
Each additional person $59.95

Have a fun afternoon in your hotel suite, or your private mansion. Your Sommelier will take you on a journey tasting Red Wines, Chilled Sake pared with imported and domestic cheese and crackers and a specialty European Chocolate.”:Goufreis”, the silky smooth German cool treat is imported from Germany near the southern German borders with Switzerland and The French Alsace Region.

You will explore the sensual contrasts and delights that each element brings to the experience!


Sommelier, Red Wines, Chilled Sake, Imported chesses and gourmet crackers along with a
specialty European Chocolate, “Goufreis”, which is a rich and silky smooth confection made of 15%
cocoa and is not categorized as dark chocolate or milk chocolate because it does not meet those
criteria and it does not contain any paraffin or preservatives. This is a 90 minute experience!


All products include

  • Champagne
    • Enjoy a refreshing, sparkling beverage during your photo tour
  • Professional photographer
    • One of our expert photographers who is especially trained to capture the perfect moment. Your photographer will take a minimum amount of shots per time slot. 48 images per hour, 72 images per 90-minutes, and 96 images per two hours. We always try to make the best of our time and take as many photos as possible so this is not a fixed number, just a minimum.
  • All Images electronically web size for sharing
    • Sized for online sharing with Photo Tours Vegas logo in lower left corner.
  • All images reviewed by the photographer after the tour, then made available online for download or prints. Images archived after 2 years
    • Suitable for prints up to 12x18 Ultra high quality or 36x48 normal quality
  • Vehicle
    • Luxury vehicle to pick you up and drop you off at your strip hotel in most packages. Some tours are only pick up only and noted on the package details. Vehicle included will seat up to variable included in the package description
  • Beverages
    • All of our vehicles are stocked with water to keep you hydrated throughout your tour
  • Driver gratuity
    • Tip for your driver is inclusive in your price
  • 6 months viewing on a private webpage that can be shared with friends and family
    • After your tour, you will be provided with a privacy code that is yours to share with your friends and family, and it will give you access to view all of your photos for 6 months
  • Taxes
    • No hidden fees! Our prices already include all charges
  • Variables
    • Length of the tour can be extended for things like a liquor store stop, additional photo destinations or special weekend events
    • People count can be increased but may necessitate a larger vehicle, groups over 8 also require a coordinator in addition to the photographer


Goufrais – The Silky Smooth German Cool Treat

  • Goufrais is imported from Weil am Rhein Germany near the southern German borderswith Switzerland and the French AlsaceRegion
  • Bundt-type cakes are a traditional dessert in that region, often paired with a cup ofcoffee
  • The form of Goufrais as a miniature bundt in a solid confection reflects this culturaltradition
  • Goufrais offers a special taste of Europe and is categorized as a cocoa confection by theFDA
  • This rich & silky smooth confection is 15% cocoa and is not categorized as dark chocolate or milk chocolate because it doesn’t meet thosecriteria
  • Goufrais tastes darker because contains no paraffin orpreservatives
  • Angelic Imports is the exclusive U.S. importer of the “Silky Smooth CoolTreat”
  • Angelic Imports sells to consumers and resellers online and participates in chocolate and wine festivals to provide the Goufrais “Taste of Europe” experience across thecountry
  • Goufrais’ unique cooling property is best experienced by just letting it melt in yourmouth
  • Goufrais pairs exceptionally well with your favorite red wine and creates a raretreat
  • Each package has a unique presentation for your personal experiences & corporate gift needs
    • Small Delights - get to know size, great as a small thank you or weddingmementos
    • Golden Secrets - live a little and give yourself a taste ofGoufrais!
    • Present - The perfect gift for all occasions andseasons
    • Round-Up – Having a party? Like to have enough Goufrais to treat yourselfright?
  • Consider Goufrais for holiday & valentine’s gifts and those birthdays comingup!
  • Goufrais is cold shipped via FedEx in coolers with frozen gel packs always & dry ice in the summer if needed to arrive perfect anywhere in the continentalU.S.
  • Keep Goufrais at less than 60℉and remove air for longerstorage
  • Note the low sugar content of Goufrais: 5 pieces: 17 grams of carb & 14 grams of sugar. By no means a health product, but very fulfilling with no transfats
  • Moderate portions of Goufrais with a glass of wine or coffee is perfectlyAngelic!
  • Was your Goufrais experience amazing? Go like the Goufrais USA page onFacebook!
  • Become a Goufrais Ambassador by introducing Goufrais to friends, family &colleagues!


Goufrais is a delicious‘Kakao-Konfekt’that combines German quality withFrench Alsace artistry to create a unique coolingcocoatreat best savored slowly

This amazing delicacy boosts ordinary days and enriches your special days.Goufrais is known to put smiles on faces and notably receives frequent OMG responses! Truly a fabulous gift for any occasion.


A cute four leaf clover box (5 pieces/box). This is a perfect memento or favor, thank you, mini bar accessory – or used to generate a smile!


Gold Box with a bow (35 pieces/box). The present is a fabulous giftforall seasons & special occasions to generate a positive impression.


Gold Bag (20 pieces/bag). Golden Secrets are great spontaneous gifts and a nice size to take home.


Round container (65 pieces/round). This 1.1 lbs.size is great for tastings, parties or to have available stock at home -a must have in my frig!

This Silky Smooth Cool Treat is produced in Weil am Rhein near the border area ofSouthwestern Germany, the French Alsace and Switzerland. Bundt-type cake is a traditional dessert in the region. Just as Bundt-cake goes hand in hand with coffee, so Goufrais evokes a relaxed moment with a cup of coffee at hand and complements the experience of a glass of wine!

Wine, Cheese and Chocolate tasting