You will meet the photographer and the limousine/vehicle at the hotel valet. When a hotel has multiple valets, we will inform you which valet you will need to be waiting at. We ask that you arrive ten minutes to the appropriate valet area, prior to the scheduled pick up time.

A deposit of 50% is needed to secure your time and date reservation. The balance will be due 7 days prior to your event. If you are making a reservation within 7 of the Tour, the entire payment will be necessary to secure the time slot and the date.

If you cancel your tour more than fourteen (14) days before your confirmed date and time, we will gladly refund all payments except for your initial deposit payment. However, if you cancel your tour within fourteen (14) days of your confirmed date and time, the entire amount paid becomes non-refundable because we will have already prepared for your tour with staff, products, and services. If the tour is canceled due to an act of God, such as weather, we will do our best to reschedule, however there is no refund in this case.

If you are late arriving to the limousine, your tour will start then and be exactly one hour from the departure time. If you are 15 minutes late, for example, then your tour will only be 45 minutes.

You can wear whatever you desire. Shoes are a must.

Yes you can bring your own. There will be plastic cups, and ice provided on the tours. If you want to stop at liquor store, we can do so as well, however keep in mind that will cut into your Photo Tour time slot and the amount of stops may need to be adjusted if we must take a stop for drinks, or a restroom stop.

Yes it can. However, we must know that ahead of time. This is to let the photographer know as they will have boarded the limousine with you at the departure point, which is where their vehicle is housed. The transportation companies also use the drop off location for specific routing of their next event. If the drop off location is changed day of the tour, a $50.00 fee will be accessed.

Gratuity for the driver is included, however gratuity for the photographer. Is not, that is at your choice.

We are very sensitive to the budget needs of all of our clients as we book your perfect Photo Tours. The amount of the payment is 50% of the amount of your Tour with the balance due 7 days prior to the event. In the case where your event is booked within 2 weeks of your Tour, the entire payment will be due. We understand that sometimes events in life are unpredictable and can cause an unforeseen delay or cancellation of your special day, so we are more than willing to accommodate you and put your payment on reserve for up to one year as long as we receive a minimum of seven days' notice.

Las Vegas is the home to many major events. All of these events create major traffic and visitors on the Las Vegas strip. If your tour is on a holiday weekend, or during a major event such as EDC, Nascar, National Finals Rodeo, Concert series, Festivals, etc., 3 stops are not necessarily feasible, and your tour may be reduced to 2 stops for the one hour tour. The third location for photos will be taken at your final destination drop off point.

That depends, a party bus might be able to accommodate 20 passengers but honestly it depends on the size of the people, how well the passengers know each other and the amount of space each person requires for comfort.

See the formula below which you can adjust. I would go a little lower just to be safe.

Small party bus rentals seat up to 15. For extra comfort, we suggest 12-14 Adults.

Small Limousine rentals seat up to 6. For extra comfort we suggest 4-5 Adults.

Medium party bus rentals seat up to 33. For extra comfort, we suggest 26 -30 Adults.

Medium Limousine rentals seat up to 10. For extra comfort, we suggest 7-8 Adults.

Large party bus rentals seat up to 40. For extra comfort, we suggest 35-37 Adults.

Specialty Limousines and Hummers seat up to 16. For extra comfort, we suggest 12-14 Adults.