Scenic Tours

You might think Las Vegas is only a thriving metropolis in the middle of a desert built on gambling, shopping, dining and entertainment, and for the most part you would be correct, but it’s so much more than that, especially the surrounding areas of the City where you can find an over-abundance of breathtaking landscape with picture-perfect photo opportunities. If you want to escape the noise and crowds of the city for a bit, in exchange for fresh air and a showcase of spectacular scenery, our photo tour packages are a unique adventure that will transport you to the Grand Canyon, Red Rock or Valley of Fire by limousine or helicopter. These stunning viewpoints of natural landmarks are a photographer’s dream and our professional photographer will capture the profound beauty of these backdrops while keeping you and your travel companions as the main focus. For anyone who loves being outdoors, who appreciates and connects with nature, these scenic photo tour packages are a great way to spend your day.