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Our Story

Photo Tours Vegas is located in beautiful and exciting Las Vegas! Born from the Wedding Industry, Photo Tours Vegas has assembled a great team of customer service oriented individuals that will create an experience of a lifetime for your next tour of Las Vegas


Our Team

Great people with great service

John Graham
Photo Manager

Years ago John took a walk with a couple getting married and the idea for a Photo Tour was born. Today John is constantly coming up with fresh, new ideas for photo tours.

Joni Moss Graham

Joni Moss-Graham is an entrepreneur, wedding visionary and dedicated business professional. She recently married the love of her life and her wonderful family is a true blessing. She is mother to sons Matthew 29, and Brandon 19. She was born and raised in Southern California into a show business family. Both of her parents were involved in the entertainment world. Her father was an employee of Jerry Lewis and her mom was manager of Nancy Sinatra’s music company.

Nick Nichols
Business Development Partner

Friends with Joni for 15 years, Nick joined the team in 2015. Self employed since college Nick brings many years of business experience to the team. Including over 20 years of computer, Internet, and advertising knowledge.