You Want to Go to Dick’s? …Wait, what?

February 9th, 2018
You Want to Go to Dick’s? …Wait, what?

Are you looking for a good laugh during your meal? Dick’s Last Resort is the place for you.

Upon arrival, our group was greeted by a seemingly “normal” hostess. She escorted us to our table and handed us some menus to look over. The first thing that caught my attention was the drink menu. There were so many options to choose from and a lot of them came with a 40 oz souvenir glass. The food menu was full with different entrees and each of them had their own clever name. The staff donned t-shirts with cheeky sayings and you couldn’t help but overhear impolite conversations with their other tables. If the name of the restaurant didn’t give it away, this place is a little inappropriate! (In the best possible way)

As our waitress greeted us, she was in character right away. She threw our “tablecloth” at us and told us to dress the table. She wasted no time to get straight down to business. She brought back our drinks and told us to “pass them down” the table. As far as alcoholic beverages, we stuck with the 40 oz Margaritas. We recommend the Mango Peach! YUM! This woman was a riot. She was everything I expected a waitress at Dick’s to be: witty, sharped-tounged, and even a little vulgar. She made our whole experience worth-while. One of Dick’s Last Resort’s signature attributes is the hat. Your server makes a paper hat for you with a silly saying that he/she has deemed appropriate for you. Some of the quotes were: “K-mart Kardashian,” “I’m the reason men drink,” and “I only put blonde in my hair so people expect what will come out of my mouth.” Reading each other’s hats was one of the funniest parts of the whole experience.

And next came the food, I only have one word for that: AMAZING! We had an appetizer sample with an assortment of mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, chicken tenders, and fried pickles and we also order the nachos. Everything had so much flavor and the portions were huge. It was a great choice to share!

If you aren’t ready for the fun to stop when the pictures are over, Dick’s Last Resort is the perfect place to end your photo tour. Their sarcastic service will leave an everlasting impression on you and your group. If a picture isn’t enough for you, I suggest grabbing a t-shirt on your way out. Every time you put it on, it will remind you of all the fun you had while you were visiting the beautiful Las Vegas Strip.