Have your own private session in your hotel room with your girls!

A private session with Mona is like talking to that very best friend who seems to know everything about you. Each lifetime gives us the opportunity to understand to a greater and deeper level. Mona accepts that your life path is unique to you and with that recognition helps you to see where you have power and choices. Once you place yourself on the path of love and awareness there really is no other path.

Mona Van Joseph…is a famous psychic in Las Vegas and also known as Mystic Mona®!

…as seen on Jimmy Kimmel

She’s also been featured on the local Fox, NBC, and ABC affiliates as well as her cameos on several media broadcasts, including the popular reality program, Sister Wives.

She’s the author of Dice Wisdom, 9 Day Energy Reset & The Selfish Wish

Mystic Mona Tarot Card Reader


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